Body DancerĀ 

The sweet naked truth,

Revealing and exposed,

Beautiful and explosive,

Your flesh, the taste of addiction,

Your silhouette has me starved,

The nape of your neck ignites my soul,

The quiver of your lips, forever mine,

Our dance, an erotic two step ,

In sync with our hearts,

Forever swaying to the beat of our loving embrace.


Caffeine super nova

Swirling and spiraling,

Stout and dark inspiring,

Flying high above the clouds,

Buzzing within the grounds,

Dark and light roasted moonbeams of truth,

Feeling bold in the solar flares

of my soul ,

In the morning the smell of the brew,

Hits me like a meteor shower,

Invigorating my day,

At night I need that feeling to carry me across the waining sunset ,

A bridge between a much needed sleep,

Sweet mocha dreams,

Dreaming of the stars I sleep under ,

To wake up and do it again 

Lost child

I see you,

Peering through the shadows,

You wish things were different,

You long for my happiness ,

What happened to that little boy,

Where did he go,

Full of potential,

Full of life,

I see you clearly,

I know you feel bad for running away,

But where did you go,

Please come back,

I want that sense of purpose,

I want that drive again,

I want to see through thoughs

Childish eyes,

That sweet sense of wonder,

Maybe one day,

We will reconcile our differences 

Maybe one day we will heal,

Until then I float on.

Sinful DanceĀ 

Ringing through my body,

Clinging to my heart,

A ravenous sensation,

A powerful love,

Feeling your struggling gasps,

Passionate writhing,

At the end of your fingertips,

Our bodies like trapeze artists,

Moving as one ,

Our hearts like ballet dancers,

Gracefully dancing through the night ,

I can feel your sweet breath,

Kissing my neck,

Sending gusts of lust,

Trickling down my spine,

In the end it feels like dying,

In the end it feels like birth,

In the end it just you and I.

Cinnamon smiles

Sweet kisses along your forehead,

A quaint smell, rustic and earthy ,

You taste like home,

Comfort food,

A feeling of belonging in this harsh and bleek world,

A hint of coffee dashed ony heartstrings,

A love so deep, more complex than

Just a feeling,

Your smile pungent and strong,

Addicting and loving,

An ode to our secrets,

Whispering slow like molasses,

Taking there time on a Sunday morning.

Horrid Fortress

Sweet screams ,

Wicked laughter,

I fall,

Deep within a labrynth,

Full of maniacal smiles,

And mirrors of insanity,

Walking through the corridors,

The sounds of thousands penetrate my soul,

Laughing at  and mocking me,

Shattering the glass ceiling ,

Seepibg through the cracks ,

A poisonous gas,

Thick as death,

Full of doubt and anlxiety,

The poison is life,

Memories of self worth and confidence,

A doppelganger of a happy child,

Mimics my every move,

He taunts me with happiness ,

I run from him deep within the walls of the fortress,

I can feel the walls breathing , coming to life,

Hunting me down I finally give up.

Sweet suffication

Drowning in you,

I feel the grasps around my throat,

I can feel the air leave my body,

When you are close,

Your heart is all I seek,

Suffocating without air,

It’s hard to speak,

I want to be lost beside you,

Dreaming of your smiles,

Longing for your laughter ,

I feel your eyes whispering to me,

The silent screams that I am begging for,

The looks that you give,

Are like sweet daggers,

Stabbing my heart

Swelling with happiness,

I want to be lost inside you,

Feeling your gasp,

Embracing your grasp on my shoulders,

Intoxicating trembles,

Inside my heart,

I want to feel again