You can’t buy classy

Dont you judge me,

With that smirk,

We both are at the bottom of the barrel,

I pay in change,

Chained to a reality I want to forget,

I look tired and weary,

Because I put up with the condescending,

I didnt mean to dampen your free ranged gluten free day,

You don’t even have the allergy ,

Understand this the puddle you splash as i walk on the street,

Only motivated me,

You look at me with distain,

But you don’t know what pain is,

You sit comfortable on your pumpkin spiced cloud,

Casting lightning bolts at those with out daddy’s money,

But what you don’t know,

Is that I am happy doing it on my own,

The help I get is from people that actually care,

Your heart is ashen,

Full of soot and spit,

Vile and corroded,

Money can’t buy atonement lady,

You enjoy the version of hell you embrace,

Because one day,

One sweet day, 

I will spit in your face passively .


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