Gentle calm

I’ve seen your face before,
Scouring with discontempt,
Kicking and screaming you’ve wrestled me to the ground,
Turning your nose at who I am,
Your heart has turned to snow,
Gently falling from my life,
Time stands so slow,
As you walk out the door,
You aren’t the first,
You won’t be the last,
Snowflakes and flurries the blanket of my past,
I’m used to people leaving,
Most that I have adored,
With you tyrant heart,
my soul is singing,
You see, I am happy to let you go,
Pain will cease,
My tears will dry up,
I was never what you wanted,
A fantasy that you wrote,
My blood adorned your pages,
Shrieking cries  you snickered at,
This story was full if torture,
Beating if I was bad,
So please slam the door,
so I can pick up the pieces,
You have broke.


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