Thriving on your poison

If you saw who I have become
How would you feel,
I’m still a work in progress,
I thrive on spite from the toungue of many vipers,
You aren’t the first and won’t be the last,
How about you tell me how my life is full of my past,
I am a failure in the present and I will landslide in my future, that’s what you said right,
Prod me with your pitchfork my body is used to the pain,
Scorch me with your dragons breath, I seem to enjoy the flame,
I revel in the thought of poisoning you with my success,
Watching your face become sullen
With my smiles and pride,
Please tell me I can’t do it again,
I am addicted to your harsh words,
You seem to have created a monster,
Feed me again.


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