It all fades

Sing the song of life slowly,
Gentle vibrato wavering,
Washing over our climaxed bodies,
Cleansing our heated confessions,
Pluck on my heartstrings
With caution,
Sweet melodic heartbeats,
Our metronome,
Make me feel like a man,
Something I’ve missed for so long,
As you scratch my back,
Softly making love to my skin,
I will hold you close,
Prolonging sunrise,
With each moment that passes so bittersweetly,
I suffer from crushing thoughts that consume as the naked get clothed,
Doubt pinpoints my body,
Where I should lose a few pounds,
Fear shrouds my ego questioning
Your shudder,
How much should I be loved, my insecurities ask,
Remember that it’s only because I want to hold on, to that night moon that shines over our eyes.


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