Night sweats a full year after,
Cold and deceiving perspiration,
Breathless mornings,
stuck in a desperate dream,
Away from you I still suffer your battering grasp,
I am still learning who I am,
Teaching my self to smile again,
Becoming my own master,
Developing reality, I see your delusion,
I still fall short sometimes, 
Its hard to not look over my shoulder,
Someone’s shadowing me,
Shuttering in the stalkers maniacal laughter,
Frightened by my own footsteps,
She wished for my demise,
Emotional genocide,
Physical murder,
Shattering glass and broken doors,
Blackened eyes and wounded spirits,
I became a citizen of Stockholm syndrome,
Lost time I can never live again,
I owe it to my self,
to remember the terror,
I need to never look back, i know she’s behind me,
Waiting for the moment,
when I turn around ,
to turn my sanity into stone.


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