A familiar hope

I wish for pigtails and fairy princesses,
Invisible cups of tea,
Comforting crying eyes,
Hugging away skinned knees,

Army men and annoying toy guns,
Roughhousing rights of passage,
Backyard big world, our sweet place under the sun,

Days of laughter, sweet smiles and wide eyed tears,
Hold my hand child, I will guide you through your fears,

Deciphering infancy, triumphantly  through childhood,
Leading you through your teenage years, I remember being misunderstood,

I’ve already picked out your momma,
Only if she’ll let me,
We will love you forever,
Under the tree of family,
Branches will grow, and the leaves will fall,
But under her guidance we will grow strong and tall,

Boundless clouds of innocence,
I pray for your glow,
I hope one day to be the father you chose.


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