Hymns of a psyche ward

My sweet sweet poison,
Dying from the vials,
Dripping cancer,
abstraction in my mind,
I wish I could see the end of my mind,
Slow down a little bit,
So I could enjoy life a little longer,
Give me a few more years before my puppet strings are cut,
Before my soul gives out ,
and the smiles wash away,
I would like more time,
I am begging you please,
Do you see the glaze in my eyes,
Succumbing to the thoughts in my mind,
Cruel and devastating,
Embalmed in the brine of breathless anxiety and heart stuttering woe,
Drugs don’t work to fill the void,
Only a blanket, hazy and stumbling,
Growing back the silky strings of another master,
I want to live again please,
I want to feel all of life,
Daunting it could be,
A catch 22 bullet to the chest,
Puncturing reality,
Piercing with madness,
Which one will I bow too.


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