Bricks and wooden dreams burn in my heart,
Sunday mornings filled with laughter and clarity,
hug at my wayward soul,
I have ran away miles and miles,
from the  domestic  kindling I should burn,
Spending my life creating a place I can call my own,
Maybe will have a troop of babes at our feet,
Holding hands with the week,
Flying through the years,
Kissed I have became with generous gifts I need,
Yearning my heart wants  to feel complete,
You have made me want to vaccinate my vagabond way of life,
I have it all with you,
no corner left unturned,
All I need is humble simplicity,
A sweet simple balance of my life long dream,
My feet are tired, weathered are my shoes,
Ready to rest, a nest to weave,
A house is not a home, until the joy booms,
With you I want to detonate that bomb.


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