Searing touch

May I see your darling hands,
I want to kiss your finger tips,
Delicate and lithe.

Skin so truly mine,

I live in your palms,
My heart a house,
Shelter from harm,
Your soul is my home,
Brick and mortar laid with laughter and love.

Touching your face ignites my passion,
Caressing your fire,
with a smoldering graze,
Smoke bellows inside your ashes,
My eyes do burn,

Ashes become sunsets,
The embers becomes stars,

Jet black and cloudy gray,
My longing lady, bare we lay.


One thought on “Searing touch

  1. “Your soul is my home” I love the line, it describes the feelings I have for my boyfriend. I am at home when I am with him. Thank you!


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