Fly away

Fluttering eyelashes kissing my face,
sweetly laughing,
Soaring inside my eyes,
Precious flight across the land,
Glide her home safely into my hands,
Her wings are soulful,
Stopping time,
Reaching through galaxies,
Into my mind,
Her feathers fall where they may,
Snowy white, with freckles of gray,
Lightning bolts in my hands,
I catch them with desperation,
Giving me something to hold on too,
Missing her is normal,
My everyday,
Brilliant as our mornings,
Spent lying in bed,
My lady must leave,
Scorching my nights with her whispering song,
sadness sets in,
Mingling with my heartstrings,
She takes her temporary sail,
Knowing she will always be with me,
My sweet sweet bird.


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