Courting the kind

A city boy with a haphazard soul,
Bouncing through life,
Cool as the steel rail,
Still sweating from the fumes
of the street,
Smiling beside him,
a lady lay,
used to a simpler and quiet life,
Flirting with the sun,
Comforting the grass,
He loves her as far as his smile
can catch,
She loves him boundless and bold,
Giving her heart to the only one she knows,
A beautiful life gallops across time,
Timeless moments,
Glaze in the sun,
One day they grow old,
Feeble bodies crumble,
Knowing time is fleeting,
He whispers one day,
Lady my love, beautiful soul,
My brightest shine,
Windy and flowing,
your gusts are mine,
Sadness I have met,
Full on and head first,
My gentle glory ,
Laid lifeless, in this sterile hospital tomb,
I don’t want to miss you,
I don’t want to feel hollow,
Let’s go to sleep sweet girl,
Facing eternity together,
Hand in hand,


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