Funeral for the living

I’ve seen both sides of the two
headed beast,
Perfection at its finest,
When pure and clean,
Infectious and intoxicating
with no loss for words,
Beautiful in your own night,
When not addicted,
You are limitless,
The beast snarls at me in an instance,
The needle falls swiftly,
Taking with it,
the you,  I knew
Your pupils blacken,
Void of all but a snarl,
Your obsessed and abscessed,
Blackened veins like oil,
I know I’ve lost you,
I buried you and your smile


One thought on “Funeral for the living

  1. I’m new to blogging, just starting today. I’ve read through countless blogs trying to find one I ,can really relate to and yours spoke to me. I too face addiction and have turned to blogging to write out my struggles and get it all out there. Though I’ve never blogged in my life, I feel it’ll help a lot. I will be tuning in to read yours everyday.


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