Naïve lovers

Kiss me like classy lovers
Show me that you know how,
Lust is a great intimidation,
Backing me into a corner,
I cower like a little boy scolded,
Stuck by fear and remorse,
Give me that bold type of love,
That sends radiant heat waves,
Down my spine,
Make me vulnerable to your devious touch,
Ever so ready, desperately willing
Poison me with your toxic crush,
Tingling my soul,
overdosing in your eyes,
I am an addict,
Addicted to you presence,
I am learning lover,
I am young in the eyes of passion,
I feel small in the vastness of you,
I am yearning,
Getting lost within the maze of your heart,
Forever yours I will truly be,
Aging old, and tired with you,
No matter what our spark will always catch,
I will always be your young love.


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